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Welcome to - the refer a friend bonus exchange!

Want to double your poker bonuses? Signupswappers lets you do just that.

Our members swap refer a friend bonuses for all the leading poker and gambling sites - making the most of the refer a friend bonuses that most poker and gambling sites offer. In short, you sign up via someone else's refer a friend and they sign up via yours. It's so simple you'd be mad not to join us - just read on to learn how!


Refer a Friend Bonus Swapping - What is Sign Up Swapping?

Most online poker, casino and sports betting sites offer "refer a friend" bonuses, but let's be honest, there's only so many times you can get your mate Geoff to sign up! That's where we come in!

As you might have guessed from the name of the site, here you will be able to swap referral codes with other online gamblers.

Example - If you are registered with Party Poker and want to sign up to 32 Red, and someone else is registered with 32 Red and wants to sign up with Party Poker, you will be able to use each others refer a friend codes and pick up 2 lots of tasty bonuses! Couldn't be simpler!

How do I find someone to swap my 'refer a friend' bonus with??

Simply register your details here and we will send you an email with details of who you can swap with. You will then be able to email them direct from our site and ask if they would like to swap bonuses.

Our site is BRAND NEW and growing, so feel free to chip in with all your comments and hopefully we can improve it even more!



On top of all this - our informative resources include...

  • A list of various bonuses for Poker, Casino and Betting sites.
  • An introduction to the most popular Poker and Casino games (Hold’em, Blackjack etc)
  • An introduction to the different types of betting (Fixed Odds & Spread Betting)
  • A glossary of terms for each of the gambling types
  • Detailed beginners guides, explaining which sites to sign up to, how to maximise your bonuses and what to look out for
  • Site reviews
  • A list of Poker Freerolls and Poker Hand Rankings
  • A forum, where you can get in touch with other gambling experts, like yourself!
  • Much More

Most of this information is aimed at making the most of the bonuses and promotions offered by the hundreds of gambling sites on the net.

Once you’ve collected enough free bonus cash by swapping refer-a-friend bonuses, you should head back to the Texas Hold em poker tables. You’ll have more money to play poker with from the refer-a-friend bonus, which means you have more chances to win cash. Plus you can earn lots of other huge bonuses by playing online poker. All you need to do is swap refer-a-friend bonuses and get started!

Many sites offer such information for Poker OR Casinos, but by including information on 3 different types of online gambling, we hope to give our users the confidence to utilise far more bonuses and get MORE FREE MONEY!

If you can bonus whore at poker, you can certainly do it at the online casinos and bring some valuable variety to your gambling.

Thanks and welcome!

Sign Up Swappers




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