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Ad Grid

Welcome to the ad grid - the cheap and easy way to advertise your site on Sign Up Swappers, for life! The 50 by 50 grid below is divided into 2,500 individual squares, which can be purchased for $0.75 each.

Not only will you get an ad for life, you will also be getting a link from a highly ranked google site (PR 4) which will help boost your google / search engine ranking.

  • You can purchase any number of squares, each for the same price of $0.75, in order to build up a larger advertisement.
  • These ads will NEVER be removed, so you will have advertising for the life of this site.
  • The ads can link to any URL you like, as long as it does not contain any adult / offensive material.

Order Process

  • Complete a Paypal checkout, selecting the number of squares you wish to purchase and also providing their grid reference. If you want more than one square, provide the reference of the top left square.
  • I will contact you once payment is received, at which point you can provide me with an appropriate image to use. (I am happy to edit the image to the appropriate size).
  • Your advert will be added to our grid for as long as we both shall live! A perfect marriage!

If you wish to purchase, please click the button below or if you have any more questions, please Contact Us!


Pay $0.75 to boost your search engine ranking now!

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