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At Sign Up Swappers, we have a number of advertising spaces up for grabs.

Banner advertising

On the left of each page, we have a panel of adverts. You can bag a slot on any page you like (including the home page) for just $10 per month.

Just pick your page, complete the Paypal checkout below and we will add you within 24 hours. We will even design a small ad for you, if you dont already have one.

If you want to advertise on more than one page, we will offer generous bulk offers.

Your month's worth of advertising will start from the date your ad first appears and will run for one calendar month.

Ad Grid

We also have 2,500 slots on our Ad Grid up for grabs. Each slot costs $0.75 and will be displayed for the life of this site. Just Click Here for more details.


Contact Us

If you want to talk to us in more detail about it, Click Here to email us and hopefully we can sort something out.