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Welcome to the Poker section


A list of general "Sign Up" and "Refer a Friend" bonuses offered by all the major sites. We would appreciate it if you sign up via these ads (or any other link on the site) as this is our only means of income to support the site.


Basic introductions to the most popular types of poker game available.


A list of the best Freerolls on the net. A freeroll is a tournament offering a real cash prize, which has no entry fee.

Getting Started

"How to" start a successful career in online poker. A step by step guide for people who understand how to play, but who aren't aware how to make the most of the VAST number of bonuses available... Bonus Whoring & More!

A glossary of poker terms

Learn how to tell your bad beats from your blinds. If you already know what it means to flop the nuts in a ring game, then perhaps you could help us out by adding another term to our growing list!

Poker hand rankings

A run through of the strongest to weakest hands in Poker.


Site Reviews

Reviews of the best and worst sites around! Currently a little on the thin side so we would greatly appreciate your own site reviews and experience and will pay £5 per review - see the T&Cs on this page.

If you would like to contribute to ANY of the above, please contact us. We would greatly appreciate any help putting everything together.