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Now you've got the gist of what we're doing, there's no need to waffle and give you the reasoning behind everything, so with our new found haste and enthusiasm, lets move on....

Site Number Two - Sporting Odds

Your second port of call is Sporting Odds. The offer on the table here is superb.

  • No minimum deposit
  • $100 bonus
  • 500 raked hands required (within 100 days).

So, it is basically the same clearance rate as you have just played at Bet 365 (20c bonus per raked hand), but twice as big a bonus and therefore twice as big a raked hand requirement.

$30 of your bonus will be released after your first 100 raked hands, with the final $70 being released after you complete a further 400. Hands raked at any level count towards your total.

What to do

Deposit a small but sturdy sum - say $30-$40. This should be enough to guard you against a bad run of luck and should be enough to clear the 500 raked hands at Low Limit tables, if you play sensibly. If you prefer to play No Limit or higher Limit games, you might want to deposit slightly more. It's up to you.

Things to note about the site

I would say the standard of play is slightly lower than at Bet 365 (the Prima Network), with 70-80% of players seeing the flop on many of the Low Limit tables. This means that when you get a big hand, you win big. But be careful, your pocket Aces will often be beaten by someone who started with a far worse hand than you and just happened to flop 3 of a kind or better. Be prepared to get a bit frustrated from time to time, but be prepared to make a killing too, if you play it right.

Also, there is no display of how many raked hands you have accumulated. I found this annoying at first but soon gained a small amount of satisfaction from harassing the customer support on a regular basis - not usually my style but the first guy i spoke to on their chat facilty disappeared before answering my question! Not cool.

They have one $200 daily freeroll, open to 500 entrants at 19:00 GMT (Although their server time is wrong by one hour, so its actually at 20:00). Always worth a go, especially with relatively few entrants.

Wrapping things up at Sporting Odds

Bonus funds will appear in your account automatically, within 24 hours of clearing the bonus amount. Once your bonus is cleared, you are free to cash out.

It is now time for your all important progress check and to take stock of the situation. Take a look at your spreadsheet (which you should have been updating frequently) and see if you need to do anything differently at your next site.


Site Number Three - 32 Red (A Bit Of Fun!)

We are visiting 32 Red for a slightly different type of bonus, and a bit of variation! Some may not like the sound of it, so take a read and see what you think - if it's not for you, move on to site #4.

  • $10 instant bonus
  • $25 play through bonus
  • Most importantly, special Thursday 3-2 bonuses!

So, it is back to the Prima network for our 3rd site, so you will actually be playing at the same tables as you were at Bet 365.

What to do

32 Red requires a minimum deposit of $50, for which you will recieve an instant bonus of $10 and an uninspiring $25 play through bonus (uninspiring because you have to stake a whopping $1,400 to claim it). HOWEVER, that isn't why we are here!

Well then, why are we here?

You will only be playing 32 Red on a Thursday (UK time), for the following reason. Every time you get dealt a red 3 and a red 2 as your pocket cards, on a Thursday, they will give you $10.

Criteria -

  • You do not have to contribute anything to the pot.
  • The pot must be raked (although I know someone who has received a $10 bonus on a non raked hand).
  • You must report the hand to, stating the game number and your username.

Lets take a closer look at the bonus!

  • The red 3 and 2 can be either a diamond or a heart. You therefore have 4 possible hand combinations (3h,2h / 3d,2d / 3s,2h / 3h,2d).
  • There are 1326 possible starting hands in poker, meaning that you will get a red 3 and a red 2, on average, every 331 hands.
  • A normal ring game will complete 55-70 hands per hour, meaning that if you only play one table, you will get dealt a red 3,2 every 5-6 hours.

So, How should I play for this bonus?

If you like to play one table, giving it your undivided attention, watching for player traits and exploiting the bluffers, this bonus is not going to be that profitable and you should view it only as a bit of added excitement!

However, if you want to maximise your profits, it is recommended that you play 3, 4 or even 5 tables.

Personally, I play 4 tables (I find 5 just a little too much to handle) and go all out for a couple of hours whilst reading the news or a forum... As you're not actually looking to win hands, you can afford to play a lot, lot tighter and can therefore afford to not give it your 100% attention. Try playing the 10c/20c Fixed Limit tables and only play the very best hands. Using this tactic, I will usually hit a couple of Red 3,2's and come away with a nice bonus.

In general...

Whilst at 32 Red, make sure you again take advantage of their freerolls. As you will be playing a lot of hands on a Thursday, you will be able to qualify for all the "100 raked hands" criteria freerolls, for the next 24 hours. These tournaments often have as few as 400 players, with 80 places paid and $250 going to the winner. At the very least, you stand a good chance of picking up a few dollars!

Moving on

You should view this site / bonus as an ongoing bit of fun, to run in conjunction with your more stringent bonus whoring on other sites.

If you played your first two sites to a break even level, you will have a profit of $150 and can therefore afford to have $50 tied up in 32 Red, whilst moving on to other sites to continue bonus whoring. So with that, carry out your progress check then lets move on!

Click here to move on to site number 4!