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Jet Set Poker




Jet Set Poker
submitted by Andy

General info

Jet Set is a fairly new site and so has a smaller member base than many other sites. It is slowly growing but the lack off numbers means it can be hard to get a game, particularly at the non hold'em tables. The site is well laid out and it has a nice general look to it. The graphics are nothing special but they aren't needlessly flashy or complicated as with some sites.

Jet Set has in the past been prone to annoying periods of lag and crashes, but this has improved a lot recently.

Variety of games

Hold'em - $0.01/0.02 NL to $15/30 Fixed
Omaha - micro limits
OmahaHL - $0.01/0.02 NL to $5/10 Fixed
Stud/StudHL - $0.10/0.20 to $4/8
Pai Gow $0.25/1.50 to $10/50


Jet Set offers Sit n Go and regular multi table tournaments, with buy ins ranging from $1 to $100, as well as large weekly tournaments.

Sit n Go's tend to take a while to fill up compared to most sites due to the small umber of players. There are regular $guaranteed tournaments which often end up with a lot added to the prize pool to make it reach the guaranteed amount.

The tournament payout structure is not ideal, with a lot of places paid out compared to the number of entrants.

There are several freerolls a day, offering prize pools of $25 to $100.


Jet Set has a reputation among it's regulars for harbouring 'bingo' players, but in my experience they are no worse than at any other site. A solid player should not have any real difficulty turning a profit at the low limit tables.


There tend to be a variety of promotions on at any one time. It is not particularly hard to work off deposit bonuses.

Customer Service

You can call an administrator to the table at any time by typing /a into the chat pane, or there is a support email address available.


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